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North Speed and Restoration is your destination for comprehensive automotive services, all in one convenient location. Our commitment to quality assurance and hand-picked product offerings ensure we deliver the best possible version of your project vehicle. We source only the best components, from the industry’s finest, guaranteeing unparalleled craftsmanship in every vehicle we build.

Services We Provide

Paint & Body

Your vehicle deserves a beautiful and durable finish. It’s all in the details. The focus applied to the disassembly, logging the condition and quantity of components. The effort in taking the original finish to bare metal and bringing it back, stage by stage to produce the results you expect. There are times when a component is simply not available or irreplaceable. We can craft just about any body component as required. Original look, custom finish, our paint & body work will bring a smile every time you look at it.


North Speed and Restoration is your destination for all mechanical services. Our commitment to quality control and premium products sets us apart. We specialize in sourcing the best powertrain applications and supporting systems, and we ensure your vehicle is built with unparalleled quality. We also offer ongoing maintenance and repair for vehicles we’ve crafted, as well as for those seeking a qualified team for their one-of-a-kind car or truck. If you’re facing an incomplete project, we can help you get your project on the road.


Some customers want their vehicles to drive and handle as if they rolled off the showroom floor. Others want the latest in chassis, braking and suspension systems. Some want a track weapon. The foundation of any successful project vehicle is the chassis. We design this essential platform and spec the components to deliver the clients desired results, without compromise. This allows us to install the right powertrain and driveline components to build the perfect rolling chassis system for your build.

Custom Fabrication

Many unique requirements can present themselves when building a custom or performance vehicle. Understanding the diverse materials required and the ability to work with them to achieve the desired results is an art. Some of our favorite projects include creating custom pieces like grilles, trim pieces, custom exhaust systems and replacement panels.  We also enjoy one-of-a-kind or custom-designed pieces, and structural repairs. Whatever our clients need, we deliver the right shape, finish, durability, and safety to every piece we create.

Partial & Full Builds

Some of our customers want to source part of their build from people they’ve done business with before. Other customers want a single source to work with. In either case, or any other, we take the time to listen, build a strategy, and produce a beautiful, drivable, finished product to their unique specifications. North Speed keeps our customers in the loop with project updates, in-shop visits, and a detailed accounting of the work being performed. Every project is as unique as our customers and we work with you every step of the way.

Preferred Vendors

“When three other shops told me a part for my classic was unattainable, North Speed crafted it from scratch. The service was simply exceptional.”